Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sow and Grow: A Gardening Book for Children

Oh my goodness, where have these books been hiding! I have been collecting books for children for quite some time now and am always on the lookout for a vintage book in superb shape. Recently, I found the next best thing - a brand new book with a vintage look. I discovered Sow and Grow: A Gardening Book for Children and was instantly "in love." Just feeling the cover of the book was enough to send tingles up my arms. As soon as I got home, I searched and found out that this book was just one in a series of three books. JACKPOT! See and Sew: A Sewing Book for Children and Look and Cook: A Cookbook for Children are the other titles in the series. All of the books are beautifully bound and filled with the most endearing vintage artwork. Each book is filled with wonderful tips on how to bring gardening, sewing and cooking into your child's life. These charming books would make a very thoughtful and wonderful gift to anyone with a love for the home and all of its craftiness. I know these three books will hold a special place on our bookshelf and am looking forward to exploring each of the them with Emmy.

I wish that I could find out more about the author of these books, but at the moment all that Google will tell me is that there is someone else with the same name receiving a whole lot more press thanks to the whole Chris Brown/Rhianna thing. I do know that Tina Davis is a graphic designer and created Tina Davis Design. She holds an MFA from Yale and a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. Ms. Davis lives in Israel and the USA. Well, this is just not enough for an author junkie such as myself. I want to know much, much more like how these books came to fruition. I will continue to search and hope that another book will come out soon!

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