Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Byron Barton

Emmy's first introduction to books in a series was Byron Barton's collection focused on transportation. Found in the series are the books: Boats, Planes, Trains, and Trucks. Each one features bright, bold illustrations which grace Byron's simple text. These four books remained Emmy's favorites for quite a while. One or all of them could be found in the diaper bag at all times. We may have given up the diaper bag, but not the books. These and others are carried with us everywhere. They can be found in Mommy's purse, in the car, in the snack bag and even on occasion in Daddy's pocket. We may be in trouble when the weight of a Harry Potter book comes our way, but for now books are easy to transport. There are many more Byron Barton books that are just as enjoyable especially for children who are interested in how things work. Check out My Car, Machines at Work or I Want to be an Astronaut. For Emmy her next favorite book by Barton is his version of The Three Bears. She enjoys looking for the flowers that Goldilocks left strewn throughout the Bears' home.

I cannot say enough about finding an author or illustrator that your child loves and then spending the time really getting into the books. Your child will recognize this author or illustrator everywhere books are found and sometimes places they are not. Emmy relates all sorts of everyday sights back to Byron Barton's books and because of this I am truly grateful to him and his work.


  1. I LOVE Byron Barton books! So simple.
    Great website Amy, thanks so much!

  2. Barton is amazing. His books are written simply, but allow for so much conversation. Emmy will go on and on about how an airplane works.