Buy a Book

Emmy and I enjoy sharing books as well as our favorite products with all of our friends.  If we share a book or product that is available on Amazon, we will include a link that will take you to our Amazon store (astore).  This store has three categories:  Children's Literature, Parenting/Teaching Resources and Miscellaneous Products.  If you purchase a book or product via this link, a small amount of the purchase price eventually makes its way to us.  These funds will be used for book or product giveaways.  So if you would use Amazon anyway to get your books, please use our astore.  Check out Emmy's Book of the Day Store here.

We also receive a small fee through our affiliations with our favorite products.  These products can be found at the bottom of our blog.  By clicking on the provided link and ordering, you support our blog. 

If you are interested in one of the books that we share and you are fortunate enough to have an independent bookstore nearby, then please pay them a visit!  Find an independent bookstore in your area at Find a Bookstore.  And remember one of the best outings with your child(ren) is to the public library.  Find your nearest public library at Find a Library

"O Day of days when we can read!
The reader and the book,
either without the other is naught."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson~