Emmy's Book Bundles


~ Emmy's Book Bundles ~

An online shop full of all of the best books 
reviewed on Emmy's Book of the Day.  

Emmy and I are so excited to announce our newest adventure into the world of books.  We are busy putting together our own shop - Emmy's Book Bundles - that will feature books by theme along with specialized items bundled together with love.  We were inspired to start this shop after years of comments from family and friends about our book adventures.  

"You always have the perfect book for every special occasion." 

"We love how you take a single book 
and create a complete reading adventure."

"I go to your blog when I am looking for a gift for my 
reading friends.  You always have the best recommendations 
as well as special items to go along with the books." 

"Can I just bundle up your ideas and 
save them for gifts for my children?" 

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  1. This is great!!!

    Love the page and can't wait to see more :-)