Monday, October 21, 2013

Monster Needs a Costume

Autumn is here!  The trees are exploding with color, there is a chill in the air and apples and pumpkins are everywhere.  This is our favorite time of the year.  Halloween is just around the corner, so the question "What will you be for Halloween?" is on Emmy's mind.  Each year we go back and look at all of her Halloween photos.  We giggle and reminisce about days gone by.  After Halloween this year, we plan on putting the photos into a book with a little description under each written by Emmy and adding to it each Halloween.  We will be sure to share that with you when we are finished.  For now here are photos of Emmy in her costumes from the past eight years.
First Halloween
Second Halloween
Third Halloween
Silly Clown

Fourth Halloween
Dancing Princess
Fifth Halloween
Fairy Princess
Sixth Halloween
Snow Fairy Princess

I love looking back at her sweet face and seeing the changes that have occurred with each passing year. This year was the first one to move out of the princess/fairy world and enter into a spookier world - Dark Ninja!  She has already told me to be prepared for next year because she is planning on being a vampire.

We have no trouble at our house deciding on what to be for Halloween and have never changed our minds, but I have heard of children that come up with at least ten different costume ideas and have trouble choosing just one.  Well if this sounds like your child, we have the most perfect book recommendation for you - Monster Needs a Costume by Paul Czajak illustrated by Wendy Grieb
Emmy and I recently attended the Book Launch for this wonderful book at our local bookstore - Jabberwocky Bookshop.  We had a great time making a monster mask, talking with the author, listening to the story being read aloud and enjoying some yummy cake.
Czajak uses rhythm and rhyme to tell the story of a Monster who can't make up his mind on what he wants to be for Halloween.  I LOVE the way the boy takes care of Monster in the story as a parent would take care of him.  Emmy LOVES all of Monster's ideas and can relate to wanting to wear the costume every single day.  Grieb's humorous illustrations add plenty of playfulness to Czajak's story.

I am always inspired when I meet a children's book author especially when he is celebrating his very first picture book.  Emmy and I love to hear how an author gets his idea for a book and Paul's story was interesting indeed as his idea came straight from his daughter.  Listening to his daughter play in the back seat of the car, he heard her say to her doll, "My monster needs a haircut."  From those five words began a series of books about Monster.

Take a peek at this very endearing book.  We hope it finds a place in your hearts as it has in ours...

Emmy and I are very excited for book two in the Monster & Me series, Monster Needs His Sleep, coming out in April 2014.