Find a Library

One of the very best outings you can take with your child is to the public library.  Libraries are the "building blocks of our community."  They are a place to gather, to share, to read, to dream.  Emmy and I venture to our neighborhood library every Friday.  Emmy is always excited to see our favorite librarian, Paula, and tell her all the latest news.  

With her fifth birthday, Emmy was able to get a library card of her very own.  So exciting!!!! 
I hope every child feels as proud as Emmy when he or she gets a library card.

A wonderful resource to locate a library in your area is  Just click on your state to find not only the public libraries listed by city, but also the state, presidential, national, college and law libraries.

Click here to read a post about Emmy's weekly adventures to our local library.

"Here is where people, 
One frequently finds, 
Lower their voices 
And raise their minds."  

~ Richard Armour, "Library"

Are you an iPhone user?  Access Emmy's Book of the Day on your iPhone before you enter the library!  There isn't an Emmy's Book of the Day application, but you can use your iPhone browser to search for Emmy's Book of the Day and then add the site to your iPhone home screen.  The site will be right at your fingertips to help you in your search for a wonderful book for your child(ren).