Friday, July 29, 2016

Where's Waldo?

Emmy and I are on the search for Waldo all around Newburyport.  We have been having a blast visiting all of our local shops and searching and searching for a very small cardboard cut out of Waldo.  It has given us the opportunity to talk to the shopkeepers, see all the new merchandise and just enjoy our quaint little town.  A big shout out to The Book Rack Bookstore for hosting this event in Newburyport.  The search for Waldo is going on across the country during the month of July with chances to earn an I Found Waldo button, a $1 off coupon for a Where's Waldo book as well as the opportunity to be entered in a drawing for a deluxe set of Waldo books as well as other great prizes.  Contact your local bookstore to see if they are participating in Find Waldo Local.

Update:  Here is the finished sheet.  Emmy was very determined to find every Waldo!

 And Emmy used her $1 off coupon to purchase this Waldo book with her own money!  

Oh and have you heard about the construction worker who is playing Where's Waldo with the children in a hospital across the street from his construction site.  See the article and video HERE.

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