Sunday, March 21, 2010

Easter Favorites

Spring has sprung here on the North Shore of Massachusetts and Emmy and I are ready! We are so happy for the warmer weather to play outside, the sound of the birds chirping throughout the day and the tiny sprouts we see coming out of the ground. We are looking forward to seeing our favorite spring flower - the daffodil.

With Spring comes the anticipation for Easter and this year it is fast approaching! Emmy is determined to get a picture of the Easter Bunny this year and has her camera ready. We'll be sure to post the photo if Emmy is fortunate enough to catch the Bunny in action!

We have decided on two favorite books for Easter. The first one is Owen's Marshmallow Chick by Kevin Henkes (see previous post for mention of the boxed set). Owen is a beloved character in several of Mr. Henke's books. Owen's favorite possession is a fuzzy, yellow blanket that goes with him wherever he goes. "Upstairs, downstairs, in-between. Inside, outside, upside down." (excerpt from Owen by Kevin Henkes). In our house there's a fuzzy, green blanket that goes with Emmy wherever she goes. In Owen's Marshmallow Chick, Owen discovers that the chick is the same color as his prized blanket and becomes a plaything rather than a treat. "My favorite, he said. And he kissed it goodnight."

One of the most amazing things happening in Emmy's world is that she is now the reader and I am the listener. This reading behavior has always been there, but the amazing part for me is how she orchestrates the reading. Now storytime is announced with a flourish and those in attendance must be quiet listeners as she reads aloud with the BEST voice full of inflection. Here is Emmy in her video debut reading Owen's Marshmallow Chick.

Our second favorite Easter book is the newest book by Jan Brett titled The Easter Egg. Amazing! We read it at the bookstore and Emmy so wanted it to come home with her, but she'll have to wait to see what the Easter Bunny has in store for her! Wink-wink!

The Easter Egg is an intricately illustrated story about Hoppi the bunny. Hoppi is old enough this year to join in the egg decorating and hopes that his egg might be chosen by the Easter Rabbit so that he can help hide the eggs on Easter morning. Hoppi is excited, but unsure of his design. "I need an amazing idea, he thought."
As Hoppi goes about Rabbit Town, he notices many dazzling eggs that the rabbits are working on. Each rabbit gives to Hoppi something to help him on his design...a basket to collect flowers, some chocolate squares, pieces of wood and pots of paint. He gains inspiration from all of his fellow rabbits, but thinks to himself, "Making a beautiful egg is harder than I imagined. I guess I don't have to win. I just want to make an egg I am proud of."
As Hoppi sits down to rest and think, a mother robin wildly calls for an egg that has fallen out of her nest. Hoppi knows just what to do and what do you suppose that is? I am begging you to pick this book up to find out what happens and to share it with a special someone in your life.
As you do, be sure to point out the different breeds of rabbit that Jan Brett used as her models for the rabbits in the town (Flora is an Angora, Aunt Sassyfrass is a Lop, Hans Vanderabbit is a Havana and the Easter Rabbit...a Flemish Giant which can weigh as much as twenty pounds!).

May the Easter season bless you with warm winds and sunshine!


  1. I've seen several reviews of the Jan Brett book, and each time I inch nearer to ordering it! This might be the review that tips the balance :-)

  2. Hi Zoe - Anything by Jan Brett is a winner in our house. I hope The Easter Egg makes it to your collection!!!!