Friday, October 23, 2009

The Princess and the Potty

It was one year ago that Emmy began using the potty. This experience was fairly easy for our family with Emmy enjoying her sense of control over her body. As I was sifting through my books recently, I came across The Princess and the Potty, by Wendy Cheyette Lewison, and knew that Emmy would relate to the princess' experience even if each was a bit different.
For example:
1) The princess had no interest in trading in her "royal diaper" for a potty. Emmy quite eagerly disposed of her
diapers for a potty.
2) The princess couldn't be tempted by pottys that were polka-dotted, musical or glow-in-the-dark. Emmy was quite satisfied with the typical white potty.
3) The king and queen were mortified of what the neighbors in the next kingdom might think of their daughter still wearing a diaper. Emmy's mommy and daddy weren't so concerned about what others thought.

When the princess's desperate parents consult the royal wise man, he answers that "the princess will use the potty when it pleases her to use the potty.'' These are very wise words and ring very true for Emmy who was definitely ready.

Emmy's favorite part of the story is when the princess notices the queen's pantalettes under her dress. This is her favorite for two reasons. First the word pantalettes is just so fun to say and second the pantalettes are very, very pretty. The pantalettes prove to be the incentive the princess needed as she and her mother chose "the prettiest pair of pantalettes in the land - pantalettes fit for a princess!''

Amusingly understated, The Princes and the Potty conveys the tale's message brilliantly through art and text. Both children who are new to toilet learning and seasoned pros will be thoroughly amused by this royal tale.

For the boys out there, Ms. Lewison also wrote The Prince and the Potty. This time the royal wise man suggests getting the boy a puppy. As the puppy learns how to to do its business on a cloth, the prince is inspired to use his potty after all.

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