Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Box of Treats

When I taught second grade, one of my favorite authors to share with children was Kevin Henkes. He has created an imaginative world full of the most adorable mouse characters that are endearing to children and their parents. I have been looking forward to sharing his series of books with Emmy and she is delighted by them! A great way to start is with A Box of Treats: Five Little Picture Books about Lilly and Her Friends. These are very simple books that focus on a special treat related to a holiday.

I have been saving them and giving them to Emmy as each holiday has arrived. The most recent one was Lilly's Chocolate Heart which is the story of Lilly who is looking for a place to save her last chocolate heart. After many attempts, the perfect place to save the heart is...her tummy! Emmy LOVES chocolate and just giggles and giggles when Lilly eats the chocolate rather than saving it. I think she can relate as she was unable to save any of her small chocolate hearts this past Valentine's Day.

Now that Emmy has a bit of experience with the mouse characters, I am geared up to share Chester's Way with her later today. Get ready to fall in love with Chester, Wilson and Lilly!

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