Thursday, November 13, 2008

Three Little Pigs

I must admit that my daughter is obsessed with the fairy tale Three Little Pigs. It all began over a year ago when Emmy was having a difficult time riding in the car. To entertain her, I began to tell her stories especially fairy tales. Whenever I began the story of the Three Little Pigs, she would immediately calm down and begin to listen intently. She would ask me to tell her the story again and again.

Her "Fairy Godmother" sent her a version of the Three Little Pigs by Richard Johnson that included finger puppets. A big hit! On a trip to Ohio, my friend's son gave Emmy his Disney version of the Three Little Pigs. Another hit! We recently found a fun version of the Three Little Pigs that is a "Story in a Box" by Annabelle James. It includes stand up characters kept in a drawer to retell the story. Again - a hit!

Emmy has befriended the wolf and likes to invite him over to play all the time. She knows that the brick house is the sturdiest and laughs and laughs when the wolf huffs and puffs, but cannot blow down that house. Fairy tales always have an important lesson hidden within the plot and this one has taught Emmy the importance of patience and hard work.

Emmy also enjoys watching the wolf's antics on the video Silly Symphony - Three Little Pigs.

Also a favorite is this poem by Charles Ghigna.


Pigs are playful
Pigs are pink
Pigs are smarter
than you think.
Pigs are slippery
Pigs are stout
Pigs have noses
Called a snout.
Pigs are pudgy
Pigs are plump
Pigs can run.
But never jump.
Pigs are loyal
Pigs are true
Pigs don't care for

Telling stories orally is as important as sharing them in book form. Children love to listen to their loved one's voice as he or she portrays the characters and gives tempo to the plot. Next time you're in the car with your little one, continue the tradition of oral storytelling by telling your favorite fairy tale to your child!

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