Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ollie the Stomper

It is a gloomy day here in Austin and with it brings a need to cuddle under a blanket with a hot cup of tea and read, read, read. Well, there was definitely reading minus the blanket and drink, but still an enjoyable experience especially with a warm and cuddly Emmy nestled on my lap. The book that was read again and again today was one in a series of books about some adorable goslings. It is titled Ollie the Stomper and is written by Olivier Dunrea. This book showcases the big emotions that are inside toddlers as Ollie stomps after his siblings and with frustration insists on a pair of boots for himself. Emmy loves to stomp along with Ollie and really wants a pair of her own boots. Boot shopping here we come!

A bit of information: Ollie the Stomper was created in 2003 by Olivier Dunrae. As explained by the author "As a child my major fascination was with farm animals and rocks. Most of my time was spent either taking care of livestock on our homestead or drawing them and making up stories about them. Chickens, geese and pigs are my favorites." Dunrea's gosling series is a wonderful look into the world of childhood through his endearing feathered characters.


  1. We love "Ollie the Stomper!" I checked out Ollie for my 7 year old son. He has been struggling with his reading since kindergarten. Almost every night he does extra reading in order to increase his fluency. He works so hard that I decided to give him a bit of a break. We now have one night a week as "Mom will read!" night. I checked out "Ollie the Stomper" and "Harry the Dirty Dog". We had the best time reading those books together. Such fun stories and the pictures are great! Now, it's time for the books to go back to the library but the fun that we had won't fade! We still walk around the house saying "I want boots!"...Now it's time to check out some new bokks, Emmy's recommendations of course!!

  2. Fantastic! I am so glad that Emmy's recommendations brought reading joy into your home.