Monday, November 10, 2008

Harry the Dirty Dog

When Emmy woke up this morning, she promptly told me that she wanted to be left alone to read. This was a first! Who am I to say no to that so off I went to have a cup of coffee. As I poured my first cup of the day, I wondered what my little reader was up to so I crept into the hallway and peeked through her door. Amazingly, my daughter was immersed in a book. Sitting beside her was a basket of books that we usually leave in the bathroom (most private place to read). She was so immersed in talking about the books to her dolls and stuffed animals that she didn't even notice me standing there. Later, at breakfast, I commented on her reading. I told her how books always fill me up with happiness and wondered if it did the same for her. She replied, yes. When asked which of the books she read today was her favorite, she quickly answered Harry the Dirty Dog. Ah, yes, the perils of a dog who did not want to take a bath. We've enjoyed reading and talking about this book over and over again for the past few months. This most recent discussion about Harry sparked the idea of starting a blog that records Emmy's journey as a reader and states our favorite book of the day. I love to talk about books, especially children's books, and welcome the opportunity to chit-chat with others who feel the same.

A bit of information: Harry the Dirty Dog was written by Gene Zion in the year 1956. It has been rereleased with splashes of color added to the illustrations by Margaret Bloy Graham. It is the first in a series of Harry books that are just as enjoyable to read. There is just something so endearing about this mischievous puppy and who can't relate to spending the day messing around getting dirty rather than bathing and becoming squeaky clean. I love the old fashioned images and the conversations that can be started related to the dog's adventures.

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