Monday, November 17, 2008

Bumpety Bump!

I ADORE the book Bumpety Bump! by Pat Hutchins and Emmy does too. This is the endearing story of a grandson who spends the day gardening with his Grandpa. Emmy likes to imagine herself riding in the wheelbarrow by bouncing on my legs "Bumpety bump, bumpety bump, up and down." If you are ever looking for a book for a young child, consider one by Pat Hutchins. She is a fantastic writer for young children. She uses rhythm and repetition to engage her readers and her drawings are exquisite.

Another recommendation would be Hutchin's first book Rosie's Walk. Rosie, the hen, is blissfully unaware of a sly fox trailing her as she goes out for a walk. Children love to watch the antics of the fox as Rosie manages to lead him into one accident after another. Introducing a new author to Emmy is such a delight to me. I look forward to the day when we can actually converse about the author's writing style. Until then, I will continue to answer Emmy's number one question, "What's that?" as we turn the pages of a book together.

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