Sunday, April 25, 2010

Seven Hungry Babies

Any mom who has had that feeling of total exhaustion from taking care of little ones all day long will treasure the book, Seven Hungry Babies, by Candace Fleming with illustrations by Eugene Yelchin.

In this story a mother bird coos as she flies hither and thither finding food for her young brood. "Feed us! Feed us!" the little ones shout. Mama Bird brings back delicacies such as a cricket, a cherry, a pea pod and an earthworm to satisfy her hungry babies. After each baby bird eats, he or she falls into a peaceful sleep. It is the mother who goes from sweet and patient... "Of course, my precious cuddle fluffs." to tired and impatient... "Hush, you little egg-crackers." When all seven babies are quiet and napping in the nest, Mama Bird settles down for some rest of her own only to hear, "Peep! Peep! Peep!" Her answer to their calls is my favorite part of the story. "Oh, no, not this time," Mama Bird chirps..."It's Daddy's turn to fly." Emmy joins in when the Mama Bird flies off to find food as the words are repetitive and associated with the sound of her flying, "Flappa-flap, swoop-swoop, zoom-zoom, yum!" as well as when the baby bird says, "G-u-u-u-l-p!"

As I've mentioned in previous posts (here and here), books make great gifts for a new mama or a new papa. This book is a definite must as I feel that Ms. Fleming and Mr. Yelchin are spot-on in their interpretation of the daily life of a mom with her kiddos.

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