Monday, April 5, 2010

Princess Peepers

Emmy and I cannot get enough of Princess Peepers! As a Mom, it is such a relief to read about a princess who is not perfect. This princess wears glasses and she has quite a collection! There are bug glasses for Peeper's annual bug hunt and sparkly ones to go with her Halloween costume. Emmy's favorite pair of glasses is Peeper's rose-colored pair that matches her rose-colored roller skates. It isn't until Princess Peepers enters The Royal Academy of Perfect Princesses that she realizes that wearing glasses is not a fashionable choice, at least according to the other princesses in attendance.

Emmy has such empathy for Peepers as the other princesses say such unkind things to her. "That's not very nice!" she proclaims as we read the reactions of the other princesses to Peepers glasses. These reactions cause the Princess to go back to her room and dump all of her glasses into a trunk. She is determined to show the other princesses that she doesn't need to wear glasses, but instead makes quite a few mistakes as she tries to get along without being able to see. With great humor, Pam Calvert and Tuesday Mourning, help Peeper and the reader to understand that trying to go through life as something that you are not is going to cause quite a few obstacles. I remember resisting my glasses when I was a young girl and could often be found squinting in order to see clearly. I for one am glad that Ms. Calvert has taken on this important topic and created a princess that we can relate to. And the ending of this story doesn't disappoint for the prince also wears glasses and when the two bump into each other, "It was love at first sight...after they put on their glasses!"

There are quite a few expressions that Emmy and I have borrowed from Princess Peepers such as, "Holy pumkins," "Jeepers," "Oh, fairydust," "Holy glass-slippers," "Oh, magic-mirrors." Any one of these can be heard throughout our house whenever we stumble, drop something or bump into each other. It's cause for some serious belly laughs. On a recent trip to Boston, Emmy donned her pink sunglasses and proclaimed herself Princess Peepers!

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