Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Tree for Emmy

Emmy's name is in a book!!!!!!!!!
How exciting to be given this book by a very special girl and her just as special nanny. Thank you Sydney and Lauren!

The book, A Tree for Emmy, couldn't be more perfect for my little Emmy. She has always loved trees and the little girl in this book does too.

"Emmy loved all kinds of trees. Oak trees with acorns. Pine trees with cones. Willows with long, swishy branches. But best of all, Emmy loved the mimosa tree in Gramma's pasture."

This story is told through the words of Mary Ann Rodman and the gorgeous illustrations of Tatjana Mai-Wyss. The two of them have created a book that showcases the beauty of nature all around and encourages us to cherish our special dreams.

Emmy's favorite character in the book is of course the little girl Emmy. She can be seen doing lots of things that my Emmy likes doing, for example, collecting pine cones, having a tea party, swinging on a tree branch, dancing in a tutu, playing on a hippity-hop ball, and eating cupcakes on her birthday. When the Gramma declares, "That ol' tree is a lot like you. Stubborn and strong and a little bit wild." I also knew that my Emmy had much in common with this delightful character.
In the story, Emmy wanted a mimosa tree for her birthday, but no one sold the wild trees with fuzzy pink blossoms and seed pods that sounded like maracas when shaken. Emmy was about to give up when she discovers a small mimosa sapling growing in Gramma's yard. With Gramma's help, she carefully digs up the tiny tree, wraps the roots in wet newspaper and puts the mimosa in a big tomato can. Once home, Emmy plants the tree right under her bedroom window, but then realizes that this little tree won't have pink blossoms and seed pods for quite some time. This is disappointing until she realizes that if she keeps it safe, loves it and waters it, the tiny tree will grow up tall one day.
My Emmy wishes that she could see a Mimosa Tree, but the best that I can do for her are photographs of these beautiful trees like this one showing the fuzzy pink blossoms.
Let's Plant a Tree
Eileen Fisher

It's time to plant a tree, a tree
What shall it be? What shall it be?
Let's plant a pine - we can't go wrong:
A pine is green the whole year long.

Let's plant a maple - more than one,
To shade us from the morning sun.

Let's plant a cherry - you know why:
There's nothing like a cherry pie!

Let's plant an elm - the tree of grace,
Where robins find a nesting place.
Let's plant an apple - not too small,
With flowers in spring and fruit in fall.

Let's plant a fir - so it can be,
A lighted outdoor Christmas tree.

Let's plant a birch, an oak, a beech,
There's something extra nice in each...
In winter, summer, spring or fall.
Let's plant a...

Why not plant them ALL?

(Prescott Park - Portsmouth, NH 2011)

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