Saturday, November 27, 2010

I Call Mine Mimi. What Do You Call Your Grandmother?

We are celebrating our second anniversary here at Emmy's Book of the Day! Looking back through all of our posts, I am feeling such gratitude. I am grateful for such a wonderful daughter who loves books just like her Mommy. I am grateful to have such a wide collection of books to share with Emmy as well as places to go that have shelves stocked with wonderful books. I am grateful to all of the authors and illustrators who continue to write and illustrate beautiful books for children. I am grateful to our readers who inspire us to keep on reading books and writing about them! It is our hope to continue reviewing books that ignite a love for reading that will last a lifetime.

Emmy and I are very excited to tell you that she is featured in a wonderful book titled I Call Mine Mimi. What Do You Call Your Grandmother?

This book was written by a good friend of mine - Jennifer Bailey. Jen and I taught together at Boggy Creek Elementary in Kissimmee, Florida many moons ago and also attended the graduate program at The University of Southern Mississippi together. She is the ultimate teacher of young children and adults and is now a published author! I often think that I have a story to write, but can't seem to put it together so seeing Jen's story in published form is just so inspiring! I am so proud of her.

I Call Mine Mimi. What Do You Call Your Grandmother? is a book about the different names for grandmother. Emmy calls hers Yaya and is featured on the front cover of the book as well as inside - left side on this spread ---------------------------->

"There are so many neat names for grandmothers. Some grandmothers use their own names. Some use funny sounding names. Some are just called Grandmother. No matter what, she is your special grandmother. What do you call your grandmother?"

Mimi, Abuela, Nonna and Grammy are some of the names of grandmothers featured in this endearing book. This would make such a lovely gift for your child's grandmother especially since the last page is reserved for you to glue a photo of your child and his or her grandmother and then add the text underneath: _________ calls ______ ______________.

I love the photo of Emmy and her Yaya that is in the book. She was just nine months old and full of curiosity (that hasn't changed). Here is an updated photo of the two of them together.
Emmy calls hers Yaya.

"A grandmother is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher,
and a little bit best friend." ~ Author Unknown


  1. What a great idea for a book! I might have to pick up a couple ;)Awesome to see Emmy and Yaya in it too!

  2. Hi Krissy - I love this idea for a book also. Now I pay attention to what children call their grandmothers and I always ask why. My "second mom," who was mother to my very best friends down the street when I was growing up, was called Sitti when she became a grandmother. It means 'my grandmother' in Arabic. What does Sammie call her grandmothers?

  3. I love this post about Emmy and her Yaya! It is amazing all the names grandmothers are called. Since M and B have 2 grandmothers and 2 great-grandmothers we all are called by different names. I started as Grandma and then Mia changed it to Grammie but the other day she called me Gram. I guess it will keep evolving! Love your blog Amy! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Grammie is such a sweet name for grandma. Gram, too! Emmy has a great grandma who she calls GG. GG lives with her Gamaw in Florida. It's so much fun to learn all the different names we have for our loved ones.