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About Me  (Amy Pertl-Clark)

I'm Mommy to a twelve-year-old girl named Emerson who is referred to as Emmy by those who know her the best.  We love to read books, do projects and explore the world.  This blog is my chance to celebrate book experiences with Emmy and tell others of our adventures into the world of literature. 

Emmy and I and the "man of the house" make our home on the North Shore of Massachusetts in the seaside town of Newburyport.  This man is wonderfully supportive of Emmy's and my love of books and nicely puts up with the stacks of books strewn about the house as well as bits and pieces of projects left here and there.

I am a teacher of young children who was given the wonderful opportunity of staying home with Emmy during her early years.  Becoming a parent has been life changing for me in more ways than one.  I've learned to revel in the moment, to laugh at silly things, and to just breathe!!! I believe in parenting with an emotional connection, staying in the moment and engaging playfully with my daughter.  Teaching is my passion and I continue to stay involved in education by attending workshops and conferences, reading professional literature, connecting with fellow educators and hanging out with kids.  Currently I am the Director of Operations at Harmony Natural Learning Center in Newbury, MA where I facilitate parent/child natural learning groups and manage the day to day operations of the center.  I am a strong advocate for play-based, experiential learning that focuses on the whole child. Through my years of teaching, I have discovered that a teacher is not someone who has all the answers, but is rather an observer and a facilitator of learning.  My dream for education is to help children retain the curiosity, enthusiasm, and love of learning that every child has at birth.  Learning by doing instead of being taught should be the priority for it is by asking questions, not answering them, that children learn.   

I started this blog when Emmy was two years old.  Blogging has become an exciting way for me to share my passion for children's literature.  I enjoy reading, writing and talking about books and authors.  It is my dream to spend every day sharing books with others through this blog, but for now I try to post at least four times a month.  I am hopeful to make blogging a more regular occurrence. 

A few things that I LOVE:  reading books, collecting children's literature, writing about children's literature, listening to music (especially anything that sounds like a 1940's musical), watching movies (especially independent films), dipping my toes in the ocean, drinking a strong cup of coffee, watching the leaves change color in Autumn, shopping in antique and thrift stores as well as boutiques, collecting milk glass, learning new things (I'm trying knitting at the moment), appreciating art, reveling in nature - and - laughing with my daughter and husband.
Emmy loves books and enjoys reading to herself, to her dolls and stuffed animals and to her Mommy and Daddy.  When asked what she would like to be when she grows up, she says a teacher.  She already has the read aloud technique perfected.  You can tell by the way she holds the book and shows it to her audience.

Summer 2014

About Emmy
Emmy was born in Austin, Texas and will tell you that she is "a true Texan."  What does that mean?  Well she can say "Yee-haw" in a cowboy voice and make the "Hook 'Em Horns" sign with her fingers.  She now enjoys the New England lifestyle complete with a love for the snowy winters!

Ever since Emmy celebrated her fifth birthday, she considers herself "all grown up."  She continues to learn so many new things every single day.  The most exciting thing that has happened recently is that Emmy is reading!  I love to hear her sound out the words and read so many familiar words quickly (the, and, said, etc.).  She feels so proud of herself.  Emmy spends lots of time with familiar and new picture books reading them with such gusto.  It's wonderful to hear her use book language with such expression.  And, thankfully, she still enjoys having books read to her by her Daddy and me.

A few things that Emmy LOVES:  reading books, playing dress up, dancing all over the house, making music, creating art, tinkering and building, making snow angels, playing at the beach, riding her scooter, running really fast, wearing dresses, making up silly songs, telling jokes, collecting items from nature, drinking chocolate milk, eating chocolate chip pancakes - and - snuggling with her Mommy and Daddy.

*An update, Emmy is now twelve-years old and started middle school this year.  Although technology plays a part in Emmy's life (MineCraft, Subway Surf, PokemonGo, Infinity and NetFlix), she still continues to enjoy reading books and visiting bookstores with her Mommy. *

Ogunquit 2016                                                   Boston 2014
Christmas Eve 2006
Colorado 2012

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